What is nowa?

Nowa is an Arabic name that means to give light, a concept that is intertwined in every avenue our business takes. Whether it’s our garment production process or the annual artist exhibiting in our concept store, we aim to show the world something they have not seen before.


How nowa is a brand for the future

Everything that nowa does is designed for long term wear and love. The search for quality is highly important to us because we want people to be wearing our products in 10 years. It is our ongoing effort to produce and innovate the highest quality garments in hopes of reducing the need for fast fashion and all the environmental destruction that follow.


Where is nowa produced?

Nowa is produced out of Dhaka, Bangladesh in a self owned factory by our business owner and founder Fahmedul Haque. Having worked in manufacturing for a number of years, the business is family run and focused, providing above average pay and excellent working conditions to 50+ staff. With COVID times are hard, but even harder for those in countries like Bangladesh. Over the past year it has been our effort to make sure all our employees are safe, and comfortable to go to work if they wish.


Nowa's design philosophy

At the heart of nowa’s design is the desire to produce the best quality garments available. Our collection design explores modern iconic wardrobe essentials with a street approach to create a marriage of contemporary design. A ‘Youthful elegance’ that mixes old with new, classic with modern, left with right. Designed in Adelaide, Nowa is inspired by the power fashion generates within us.


What does nowa strive to achieve?

Nowa’s goal is to produce small runs of unique, high quality collections that give our customers a new perspective on the power of clothing. We want to guide our customers to have a wardrobe that helps their soul shine. Our core collection of wardrobe essentials, such as denim and our basic tee range, set the benchmark of quality and longevity for our unique small run capsule collections.

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